COVID-19 and its economic toll on women: The story behind the numbers

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This piece was originally published on Bloomberg on February 18, When the recession hit, few asked how stimulus measures would affect women compared with men. As leaders face the enormous challenge of rebuilding post-pandemic economies, women must be at the center of their strategies. In many countries, women have been hit hardest by Covid lockdowns. Women tend to be heavily employed in vulnerable sectors such as retail, restaurants and hospitality. They also often work in informal jobs, from selling wares on the streets to sewing at home, that lack protections such as paid sick leave or unemployment insurance. When those jobs disappeared, women had no social safety net to fall back on. Moreover, women can have an outsized impact on economic recovery, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Date: Wednesday, 16 September For the domestic worker in Guatemala, the bubonic plague has meant no job and denial unemployment benefits or other protection. Designed for countless women in economies of all size, along with losing income, amateur care and domestic work burden has exploded. While everyone is facing exceptional challenges, women are bearing the burden of the economic and social argue of COVID Women who are bad and marginalized face an even advanced risk of COVID transmission and fatalities, loss of livelihood, and increased aggression. Globally, 70 per cent of fitness workers and first responders are women , and yet, they are not at par with their male counterparts. At 28 per cent, the femininity pay gap in the health area is higher than the overall femininity pay gap 16 per cent.

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Mahato was already facing abuse before the pandemic broke out. Her in-laws had never been satisfied with the gift — cash and furniture — her parents had paid to them ahead of her marriage. They taunted her after that even physically abused her. Her companion, a day labourer and the barely breadwinner for their household, agreed they needed to make serious changes. But he was able to make add money, they thought, his parents capacity stop harassing Ms. Mahato about the dowry. Together, they decided he would take a loan to travel en route for Dubai to find a higher-paying activity. The timing was inauspicious. He arrived in the United Arab Emirates a minute ago as the pandemic took hold, baggage many jobs.