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Eating and drinking: 1. Men spend 49 minutes a day on chores, compared to 80 minutes for women. Men spend 3. But those are averages! Yes, we believe you! But looking at your time a little differently may help you find that free time you crave. Think in Weeks, Not Days Laura Vanderkam, a writer and speaker on work-life balance, recommends thinking of time in weeks rather than days to learn where some extra time might be hiding in your schedule. Each week is made up of hours. If you work 40 hours and sleep eight hours each night, that still leaves 72 hours.

After all, that time is here. This is the next exciting chapter of your life. According to a study conducted on seniors, older people want en route for do more than fill in age during their retirement; they yearn fulfillment and purpose. This need can be fulfilled through volunteering, taking up a new challenging job, a new affiliation or reviving a hobby. Traveling is one of the fulfilling and electrify activities that you can explore all through this time.

It pulls you out of your bolster zone and plunges you into the unknown. It reveals a world of cultures to explore and people en route for meet. And it helps you acquire virtues like patience and humility. Accordingly whether you explore a new area or a new country, here are 13 of the best life lessons you can learn through travel. A study published in the Journal of Psychological Science revealed that experiences afford more lasting happiness than material possessions.

Neuroticism This trait taxonomy is a advantageous tool for thinking about personality, after that research suggests that these five dimensions can play a part in predicting life outcomes in areas that add in physical health, mental health, school, act, and social relationships. People who attend to to be high in the attribute of openness are more willing en route for embrace new things, fresh ideas, after that novel experiences. They are open-minded after that approach new things with curiosity after that tend to seek out novelty. They tend to pursue new adventures, experiences, and creative endeavors. They are additionally very good at thinking about after that making connections between different concepts after that ideas. People who are low arrange openness, on the other hand, attend to to prefer routines, traditions, and acquaintance. They approach new things with absolute caution and prefer consistency. Individuals who are very low on the attribute of openness are often seen at the same time as being rigid and close-minded.