List of songs about school

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With the new school year fast approaching, I can already feel the jarring shift from attentive husband and doting dad to harried English teacher. Every year I lose track of aspects of family life that have been so wonderful all summer. This year I am trying to make some changes to my teacher work-life balance. These are the promises I am making to my family this year. My colleagues who complain the most about having too much work to do at home, are my colleagues who complain the most. The faculty room can be a dangerous place capable of stealing both inspiration and countless hours. My deliberate choice to stick to my room more often during prep periods will hopefully mean a lighter load when I head home for the day. One prep period a week is enough to catch up on the latest gossip. We all know that teacher.

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Songs about school have probably been calm and sung by students for at the same time as long as there have been schools. Examples of such literature can be found dating back to Medieval England. Artists such as Max Whitcomb after that Nicolas Earl are particularly noted designed for their musical criticisms of the didactic systems of their times. Meanwhile, others reflect a nostalgia for one's younger days. The songs are examples of the types of themes and issues addressed by such songs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list clause. This list needs additional citations designed for verification. Please help improve this clause by adding citations to reliable sources.