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Tweet Widget Today, when we say someone is hysterical, we mean that they are frenzied, frantic, or out of control. Before its classification as a mental disorder, hysteria was considered a physical ailment, first described medically in by Jean-Martin Charcot. Even before this, hysteria was thoroughly described in ancient Egyptian and Greek societies. So what was hysteria? How did it just go away? Throughout history hysteria has been a sex-selective disorder, affecting only those of us with a uterus. These uteri were often thought to be the basis of a variety of health problems. In ancient Greece specifically, it was believed that a uterus could migrate around the female body, placing pressure on other organs and causing any number of ill effects.

Our lede for the item talked of hospitals getting busier after big snowstorms, as if the main concern a propos the findings was that nurses capacity be busier. Like any such aim, it is harder to confirm exactly than you might think. All also being equal, winter in snowy climates is a time of higher death and busier hospitals anyhow. So you need clever tricks and plenty of statistical power to perceive the achievable signal created by snow-shovelling.