Why Has the Popularity of Tattoos Grown?

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Some weeks ago, during a bleary-eyed subway ride to work, I found myself staring at a young woman on the other side of the car. She wore business attire with a North Face jacket and flip-flops, and she had an infinity symbol tattooed along the outside of her left foot, only a portion of the loop had been left out to make room for the word Love. Next to her, a scruffy guy in t-shirt and jeans had ornate black and gray murals inked on each arm, one of which seemed to depict an alien fight scene, the other some sort of robot love story. To his left, squeezed in at the end of the bench, was a man thumbing his phone with quick, nervous jabs. When he turned his hand over, I saw the word Jasmine tattooed above his knuckles and a date printed beneath it. Then there was me, a blank canvas, wondering if I was missing something. Each inked-up person on the train appeared to be in the same age group—Millennials, to use the much-maligned descriptor. For others, the sheer volume of options can be paralyzing.

A tattoo is a permanent kind of body art. A design is made by puncturing the skin with needles and injecting ink, dyes, and pigments into the deep layer of the skin. Tattoos used to be done manually — that is, the tattoo artist would puncture the skin along with a needle and inject the ink by hand. Though this process is still used in some parts of the world, professional tattoo artists abuse tattoo machines. A tattoo machine powers the needles up and down at the same time as ink is deposited in the casing. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, you should understand that tattoos are permanent. Tattoo removal is arduous, expensive, and may not be absolutely remove the tattoo. Before getting a tattoo, make sure you have had all your immunizations especially hepatitis B and tetanus shots. If you allow a medical problem such as affection disease, allergies, diabetes, skin problems akin to eczema or psoriasis , a weakened immune system , or a blood loss problem, talk to your doctor ahead of getting a tattoo.

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