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Emotional entanglement, group tension or interpersonal conflicts Inappropriate or unsound medical advice Competitive comparisons of whose condition or experience is worse Pros and cons of online support groups Online support groups offer benefits and risks that are particular to that format. It's important to consider these factors before joining an online group. Benefits of online groups include: More frequent or flexible participation Opportunities for people who may not have local face-to-face support groups A degree of privacy or anonymity Risks of online support groups include the following: Communication only by written text can lead to misunderstanding or confusion among group members. Participation online may result in isolation from other friends or family.

Shutterstock There are science-linked ways to be happier and healthier. And they're not so hard to do. Jotting along your feelings and star gazing are easy ways to lift your spirits. Here are 22 other easy behaviour to boost your mood that psychologists and social scientists swear by. Appointment Business Insider's homepage for more stories. We all strive to be blissful and healthy. There are a add up to of small things you can accomplish that will make a big bang on your overall well-being, according en route for psychologists. That might be reading an adventure story, keeping a gratitude academic journal or even gazing up at the stars on a clear night. Although happiness is something we all allow to continuously work at.