Sexy vs. Slutty: Let’s Talk About The Big Difference Between The Two

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Jan 11, Lifestyle. ASK me anything I will answer it honestly I have nothing to hide and really no shame either. A lot of my male readers have been asking me a lot of sex and relationship based questions and I wanted to address them and give you guys my thoughts on SPICING up your sex life. Yes I am dating and yes I am having sex. I would actually die I think. I have Latin blood in my veins so I am a hot blooded sexual being. I love to dress sexy, be sexy, and express my sexuality in a healthy and frequent manner. I do not see a thing wrong with having an active sex life that is safe and mutual.

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All the rage fact, the ideal woman has a beautiful blend of both. These qualities are descriptive of her presence after that the quality of the character she displays that defines her as an attractive, healthy, feminine woman who is respectable, selective, and classy. When you think of a slutty woman can you repeat that? comes to mind? What about after you think of a sexy woman? What about a modest woman? Be able to you define the difference? Consider these mental images for a moment. It depends on personal taste, culture, your value system, and even your amount type and the situation. The alike outfit might look appropriate on individual woman and very inappropriate on a different, depending on the venue and affair she is wearing it to, her body language, positioning, body shape after that size, and her personality that shows through the outfit.