Parent reviews for Cuties

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Please support us by disabling your ad blocker on our site. The film, originally called Mignonnnes, is meant to be an empowering film that indicts both the entertainment and social media of the sexualization of young girls. Instead, the film has become a perpetrator of the crime it sought it diminish. It has become a target for social conservatives fueled by conspiracies of child sex trafficking.

Earlier that year, the streaming platform had acquired the worldwide rights to the French film Cuties after its lauded premiere at the Sundance Film Carnival. Instead, it displayed the actors, a few of whom were only 12 years old, in booty shorts and bring in tops, striking provocative dance poses. The fallout was immediate. QAnon conspiracy theorists claimed the company was distributing adolescent porn and started tweeting about it with the hashtag SaveTheChildren. A Adjust.

I am giving this film three stars not because I liked it The point of the film is activist, but done the wrong way. Is it appropriate for children to watch? Absolutely not.

I have few memories of the action. I remember my roommate liked en route for pull the fire alarm and so as to, at some point, my mother came to visit. I remember wrapping my hands around the fence between us, crying for her not to attempt, until a nurse guided me ago inside. I remember the feelings of helplessness and rage were more than I knew what to do along with. Afterward, I did my best en route for wade through adolescence and young later life, working diligently to assure everyone so as to I was fine. I started using the word pedophilia in casual banter, as if to mark the basis of my emotional breakdown. Suddenly, it was all I could think a propos. Which was why in mid-September, after I first heard about a additional Netflix film accused of promoting pedophilia, I decided to watch it. Angry pants, hair dye, and twerking arise.