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Looking for a 197045

Go to Songsear. I need help finding a song that was filmed in a living room and had there was one scene where an ostrich comes in. Hey, I'm looking for a song with the phrase, we are one, sung by a female artist. I think it was an edm-pop type of song. Maybe similar to Heroes by Alesso or Alive by Krewella. Not it, but thank you. Looking for a dance song with 90s Vibe going like this: i dont know what im meant to do. Iv been searching deep inside my bones. Living without you

Joni: Let's see. What have we got here? It's called From Both Sides, Now. Joni: I'll play that individual first. It -- I should acquaint with people a little bit about it. I was reading a book, after that I haven't finished it yet, called Henderson the Rain King. And accordingly I got this idea 'from equally sides now.

Attempt to Songsear. Trying to find a song I heard in my administrative centre. Tried to Shazam it, couldn't achieve it. Typed in lyrics, still nothin'. A part of the lyrics: Choose set me free Take this ambition away from me Thanks in build up. Heard this song in the hypermarket today. It was a male lead singer and it was a slow-paced chant. Lyrics were something like: I went walking to places I used en route for go I saw things I don't remember

Maria Muldaur born September 12, [ excerpt needed ] is an American folk and blues singer who was amount of the American folk music recovery in the early s. She was the wife of musician Geoff Muldaur and is the mother of singer-songwriter Jenni Muldaur. She married fellow Carafe Band member Geoff Muldaurand after the Kweskin group broke up, the combine produced two albums. She began her solo career when their marriage broken in but retained her married appellation. Her first solo album, Maria Muldaurreleased incontained her hit single Midnight by the Oasis[4] which reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot in

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