11 Silent Sex Positions For Getting Down On The DL

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You believe you could be having better sex, a better orgasm, and a better relationshipbut struggle to get in the right headspace to orgasm. If you live with roommates, have a squeaky old bed, or a shy partner, you're probably worried people being able to hear you having sex. When you're sharing a space with other people, there will be times when you're in the mood, but out of the privacy you need. The good news is that you don't have to wait until your roommates are gone to get it on: Sex therapist Vanessa Marin is here to reveal the best quiet and hot sex positions for stealth sex. Instead, you want to look for positions that emphasize slow grinding or more subtle movements — which, as it turns out, can be pretty hot.

Exploring intimate sex positions can be a great way to reconnect with your partneror cement a growing bond all the rage a new romance. Some couples are happy with the occasional mutually-satisfying quickie, or a regularly-scheduled weekend session so as to relies on the same ol' consistent positions to get the job done the job means an orgasmin argument that wasn't clear. Others may rely on their trusty vibrators or an exciting toy every time. Like altogether types of consensual sex, a custom that works is A-OK, and there's nothing wrong with sticking to the trusted missionary position, which can additionally be intimate. Yet research has shown time and again that trying additional things together—both in and out of bed—helps keep the spark alive. Accordingly why not change up your positions once in awhile? The vulnerability, goofiness, and even messiness of sex be able to bolster intimacy, if we let them.