27 Santa Quotes to Celebrate the Magic of Christmas

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The Elf on the Shelf has taken some flak in recent years for packaging omnipresent surveillance as cute holiday fun for kids. Yet maybe the problem with Christmas is not the little guy on the shelf, but the big guy in the sleigh. That giving spirit, however, is one-sided. Only the grown-ups who get to play Santa are experiencing the joy of giving. Read: Why children get gifts on Christmas: A history.

We all tell ourselves that the holidays are a time for reflection after that for sharing Christmas traditions with friends and family. But let's be honest: The real reason for the flavour is the big guy in the red suit. Santa Claus brings the real magic ahem, the presents en route for the Christmas season when he shows up for Christmas Eve festivities. Whether your family shares religious Christmas quotes or Christmas Bible verses around the table or just traditional Christmas sayings , there's no better time en route for share your love and appreciation designed for the season. Even if it's been a few years since Santa wiggled his way down your chimney, you've certainly been forced into a clandestine Santa gift swap at an administrative centre party. Santa's charm is undeniable, whether you were first introduced to Bright Old Saint Nicholas by watching the classic film Christmas Vacation , before perhaps a late night reading of the Christmas poems for kids. Denial matter the introduction, you can't abjure the magic of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. Yes, his impossible Christmas dark present distribution and ability to dash a reindeer-powered sleigh are the beat line of many Christmas puns , reindeer jokes , and Santa jokes , but Old Saint Nick actually does have something to teach us about the generosity and spirit of the Christmas season.

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