45 Late Night Date Ideas for Couples: The Only List You’ll Need!

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Fun games for couples 2. Pretend the electricity is out for a cute at home date night idea As an adult, the electricity going out is my worst nightmare. No wifi?! What am I supposed to do with myself! As a kid, I used to think it was a lot of fun and found so many ways to entertain myself.

Absorbed clean your house Have a midnight picnic I am a big addict of the midnight picnic. I did this a few times in academy with friends and it was a blast. Supplies for the midnight picnic: Blanket Twinkly lights Plastic wine glasses Play late-night TV bingo This is a good last-minute late night appointment idea. If you find yourselves ahead late, flipping through the tube, build a silly bingo you can act with late-night TV tropes. Make ahead the squares yourself and then allow fun competing to win.

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