Are You Stuck In An Uncomfortable Comfort Zone?

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Anyone knows that when you're in a relationship with someone, at the beginning, it's exciting and it's new. Everything you do together is tons of fun and it's only made better when you find that you get along with each others' friends and family. Birds sing, the clouds part and it's a perpetually sun shiny day where ever you go and you have the Brady Bunch kids serenading on your walks about the town. Hell yeah. Life is good! The something happens, without you realizing it. Some of the sheen wears off the formerly new relationship; you start to get annoyed by the things you thought were cute that your partner does. You get irritated and maybe even a little bored.

Leesa Lives. When you first start dating things are new and exciting. Amount of the fun of dating a big cheese is leaving your comfort zone after that figuring out how your lives able-bodied together. Then after a while you find your groove, and your affiliation begins to shift from well clad Saturday night dates to sweat pants and pizza at your place. You realize that this is someone who you can be yourself around after that you settle into this new beat with your partner. As time passes, the honeymoon phase slowly comes en route for an end and your partner is becoming a consistent part of your life. This is a crucial age in relationships because this is as a rule when one of two things happen; 1. What I mean is so as to we as individuals should constantly be growing and changing with our partners.