Why Your Comfort Zone Is Actually Crushing Your Happiness

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Look around where you are right now. I guess you are reading this on the big screen of your computer at work, sitting in your height-adjustable office chair, coffee mug right next to you. Unless you are already home for the day, cuddled up on the couch in your pajamas with your iPad, freshly delivered pizza in the still warm box sitting on your lap. Wherever you read this, I am betting you are knee deep inside your comfort zone.

Ancestor like routine. Routine allows us en route for be efficient, productive, safe, relaxed, after that therefore happy. A lot of ancestor are afraid to try new things in their lives. Because we are generally afraid of change. What would we do if something good changed in our lives? Why would we risk it? What is happiness exactly? What is there to learn a propos happiness? This article is a amount of the most in-depth guide arrange how to be happy , which answers these questions in the at the outset section: What Is Happiness?

A good number of us, if given a abundance, will opt for comfort over ache. Unfortunately, the cost of choosing bolster can be limited growth. Nothing stretched me, nothing pushed me, and I knew exactly what to expect all day. For a while, I enjoyed the predictability, security, and sense of control over my life. It compulsory very little energy to sustain this comfort zone, and each day felt smooth, calm, and drama-free.

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