Gender equality

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Empowering girls is the key to economic growth, political stability and social transformation. Help empower girls now. But in her Year 8 classroom, she is the only girl, surrounded by 19 boys. In South Sudan, girls who complete all their education are exceptional. Due to the conflict and poverty, only 30 per cent of the children who are of school going age are currently studying. Gender inequality is also a factor, and only one in every seven girls 18 per cent finish primary school in South Sudan. We built the primary school that Marie attends and provides teachers with financial incentives and materials to work there. The children currently enrolled in the school are provided with school supplies — books, uniforms, pens and pencils. Marie hopes that one day she can change her community and that through her example more girls will be able to continue studying.

Be grateful you for honouring me with this degree, and, through me, the Amalgamate Nations and our staff around the world. The New School is a special place. I am an contrive by training and physics has been the biggest intellectual passion of my life. But I reserve my greatest admiration for artists, philosophers, social scientists and those who explain the earth and make it more beautiful. I thank the New School for plateful to uplift us and give connotation to our lives. No place is better than the New School designed for me to explain our view arrange women and power, and our actual strong commitment to gender equality all the rage everything we do.

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