10 Extra-Exciting Action-Adventure Books with Girls at the Center

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From Nancy Drew to Pippi Longstocking, the legacy of adventurous girls in books is a rich one. The year-old titular character of Simon Van Booy's imaginative new series, Gertie Milkcontinues the legacy of awesomely adventurous protagonists. Gertie Milk has lost all of her memory. Really, it takes someone brave and curious, like main character Tess in The Castle in the Mistto do it. The magical land she discovers includes a castle, a carousel, a carnival paid for with wishes, and a mysterious boy her age. This quick read, great for younger middle grade fans, draws comparisons to The Secret Gardenand rates additional praise for the relationship between Tess and her younger brother Max. This award-winning read features Maggie, a girl whose greatest hardship, despite her crooked leg and crutch, is feeling lonely.

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