World's oldest noodles found in China

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World's oldest noodles found in China Scientists said on Wednesday the world's oldest known noodles, dating back 4, years, were found in China. Scientists bring into being the ancient noodles preserved in an overturned, sealed bowl at an archaeological site near the Yellow River all the rage northwestern China. Houyuan Lu, of the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing and his colleagues found the antediluvian noodles preserved in an overturned, conserve bowl at an archaeological site adjacent the Yellow River in northwestern Best china. But there have been other suggestions that noodles were first made all the rage the Middle East and introduced en route for Italy by the Arabs during the Middle Ages. An undated handout get something on film, released October 12,shows noodles dating ago 4, years on top of an in-filled sediment cone. Italians are accepted for them and theories suggest they may have originated in the Average East but scientists said on Wednesday the world's oldest known noodles, dating back 4, years, were made all the rage China. The scientists think a big earthquake and catastrophic flooding probably destroyed the ancient settlement where they were discovered. Unlike modern Chinese noodles before Italian pasta that are made above all of wheat, the 4,year-old variety consisted of millet which is indigenous en route for China. Wheat was not introduced as of central and western Asia to northwestern China until about 5, years back.