My Wife Cheated—and Let Him Do Something She’d Never Let Me Do

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But what is it, and why do people enjoy it? Sound like your worst nightmare? Not everyone agrees. In November the Independent reported reported that Google searches for 'cuckolding' hit a peak, and according to Google Trends, the UK is second only to the Netherlands in searches for the kink. Why would someone be into cuckolding? As with any sexual fetish it's hard to pin down one particular reason, but psychologists have suggested that sexual jealousy - and getting aroused by it - might be linked to biology. In his book Insatiable Wives, psychologist Dr David Ley outlines the possibility that watching your wife with someone else will turn you on so you can compete and 'beat' their sperm for fertilisation This fantasy has been around as long as marriage and sexuality, he says, pointing out that references to the kink have existed since the 13th century. Ley also explains that the sheer taboo nature of the fetish - society after all deems adultery a sin - might be a core reason for the turn-on.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Cuckold stories from men who acquire off on their wives having femininity with other people Cuckolding is appearance of consensual non-monogamy, and these guys find it hot AF. CNM is practised in all sorts of forms, such as polyamory having multiple adore partners and swinging swapping sexual partners with other couples. There are variations in how cuckolding plays out designed for different couples—some cuckolds enjoy being in word and sexually humiliated—but cuckolds are by and large involved with watching their partner allow sex. All varieties of cuckolding be able to be practised by anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Even so, there seems to be a above what be usual proportion of straight men who are interested in it—and yes, if you sleep with men, you might be familiar with a version of cloudy talk that involves you recounting ancient hookups. When she does, she's all the time told me about the experiences. We got into polyamory because my companion was having problems staying monogamous.

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