14 Hilarious TikToks That Will Help You 'Get' TikTok

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Ancient that, I don't think I basic to explain why cat videos are popular. It's a universally accepted accuracy of the internet. While TikTok is basically Gen Z's online playground , the platform hasn't totally ignored the past. This TikTok, which features a toilet paper roll determinedly rolling its way from the grocery store en route for the bathroom, mocks an infamous Cook Boyardee ad in which a be able to follows a Chef-obsessed little girl abode to, uh, be her dinner. Constant if the Chef Boyardee reference goes over your head, the video facility on its own as a damaging tale of a toilet paper cylinder that arrives in the bathroom bare, having rolled too far to the sounds of an accordion and kindly crooning French man. Long Furbies are kind of all the rage absolute now. Blending nostalgia with a appealing serious WTF factor, they're both a joy and horror to look by. In the broader picture though, it's just plain funny for the alike reasons as its predecessors.

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