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Little research has examined predictors of condom intention within concurrent partnerships. This study examined predictors of intention among male African—American crack smokers with multiple partners. Each participant reported personal condom intention at next sex, condom use self-efficacy, responsibility and outcome expectances for himself and his perceptions for his last two sex partners. Stepwise logistic regressions showed that for both partners one and two, condom use at last sex and personal responsibility for condom use were predictors of intention to use condoms at next sex. Perceived partner responsibility was an additional positive predictor with Partner 2. Personal responsibility interacted with intimacy such that only men who indicated the highest levels of intimacy were more likely to intend to use condoms.

Based on focus groups for male customers who frequented Asian massage parlors all the rage San Francisco, the present study described their sexual and drug use behaviors and attitudes toward practicing safe femininity with Asian masseuses. A pervasive analysis among patrons was that they could engage in sex with masseuses devoid of using a condom if they offered extra money. Customers perceived massage parlors as being a safe place compared with street sex venues. Some customers sought emotional attachment with Asian masseuses and expressed stereotypical views toward them as being docile and submissive.

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Children, Youth, and Families. Of these, 5. These numbers stand in striking compare to global data on the AIDS epidemic. The figure below shows the disparity in percentages of young ancestor infected, by gender.