Critics claim ‘missing white woman syndrome’ has overshadowed these missing persons cases

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Petito, a year-old white woman from Long Island, disappeared out West in late August while trekking around with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, sparking a national manhunt and media frenzy. Lauren Cho went missing in Yucca Valley in California after a cross-country trip. Sofia Juarez The case of the missing toddler in Kennewick, Wash. The little girl disappeared while walking on a street on an evening in February — and possible new leads in the case recently surfaced. The tips included a witness who may have seen someone approach the child and lead her off, and another person who spotted an occupied van with no windows stopped nearby. Sofia Juarez went missing in in Kennewick, Washington.

After women of color disappear, who says their names? To the many ancestor who followed her story in the news, she was Gabby. Like a daughter, a sister, a niece. A big cheese who should be cared for. Denial one can name one missing female of color who has bubbled ahead [on national news], not one.

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