How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

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Poitras began filming mere minutes after meeting Snowden in person for the first time, and continued filming him as the impact of what he had leaked to her and her reporting partner, Glenn Greenwald, reverberated around the world. The film is riveting, in no small part because what we are witnessing is the human drama behind events we have already experienced as consumers of news. To remind: first came word of a top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over the telephone records of millions of its American customers to the NSA. Next Poitras and Greenwald released footage of Snowden himself. All of that happened in four days, four of eight days that Snowden spent in the hotel room in Hong Kong, shortly after meeting Poitras and Greenwald, and shortly before he went underground. View Iframe URL. Poitras knew to film Snowden because before any of this—before her byline was in newspapers, and on a Pulitzer —she was a documentarian. The work-in-progress was about domestic surveillance, something Poitras knew more than a little aboutand it involved several protagonists. After the encounter in Hong Kong, her film on surveillance became Citizenfour, so named for the handle Snowden used in their first encrypted exchanges.

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