20 Dirty Little Secrets Women Go Out Of Their Way To Keep From Men

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When your woman looks you in the eye with a straight face and tells you that she's never, had sex like that before, or that her ex was terrible in bed, that can often be true, but these are topics she may lie about. The first reason to lie is, they don't want to hurt your feelings or second, it is not a topic they want to discuss any further. Beyond sex and love, have you ever wondered how your woman manages to get everything on sale? Thinking how does she do it? However there are many times when she probably did get those items on sale, just not for as cheap as she has made you believe. Every woman is different and we all find times when we think fibbing is our best bet, don't assume everything they say is untrue, there are just times when we feel it is better to tell you what you wanna hear- and men don't act like you don't do it too. Here is a list that includes dirty little secrets women keep from men.

Hey does anyone else but me assume that this whole album is a propos a breakup, and what he goes through with the breakup. It sounds like a breakup to me. Communication me if you have any communication on this please!!!! I guess this song could be perceived in altered ways, because when I heard the song by itself, I thought I knew what it meant.

En route for men, women are kind of astonishing creatures. We always show up smelling nice, our hair is soft, our skin is soft, we pull all together outfits that make you drool, after that we always just emerge from the bathroom ready to go and looking fabulous. We tell you that we spent time hours talking with our BFF over coffee, but just be unsuccessful to say that we spent about the entire time having a absorbed conversation about The Bachelor. There are some things a lady just wants to keep to herself.