Nipple Orgasms—‘Nipplegasms’—Are Real. A Neuroscientist Explains

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Welcome back to the Ask Dr. Nan column. Nana psychotherapist, certified sex therapist, and neuroscientist, here to address your pressing questions about sex, love, and pleasure. My philosphy—informed by three decades of practice as a psychotherapist coupled with a dozen years of conducting research on the neuroscience of sex and pleasure—is that pleasure is a necessity for our health and well-being.

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Kasandra Brabaw Photographed by Erika Bowes. After we think about orgasms , a good number people probably jump right to thoughts about genitals. After all, that's how you make an orgasm happen, right? By touching either your own before someone else's genitals? Sure, that's accurate most of the time. But around are elusive orgasms that come as of non-genital touching, like the nipplegasm. A nipplegasm is just what it sounds like, an orgasm that happens as of nipple and breast touching alone.

You can try nipple play on your own or have your partner allocate it a go. Exploring the balance of your breasts may help along with arousal. Take long, deep breaths en route for help you relax and get absent of your head and into your body. Tease yourself by playing along with other erogenous zones.