Doctors say looking at busty women for 10 minutes a day is good for your health

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Big or small or in between, your boobs are sexy, functional, and make you look pretty damn great in a bikini. So instead of just coexisting with your girls, why not get to know them a little better? We rounded up 31 fun, silly, and smart ways to have a blast with your boobs. Dress them up. The best lingerie can take your pair from cute to Christina Hendricks OK, not really, but you get the point. Find the sexiest style for your shape and don it under everything from an LBD to your work clothes. Just think of it as a sexy secret between you and your girls. Get them wet.

Lovemaking is an essential aspect of a few healthy relationship yet some couples are not aware of how the bodies change during intercourse. Each stage has its own characteristics of specific animal responses and the woman's breasts act a vital role in making the experience a pleasing one. Here we try to find out during sexual pleasure effects on size of women breast. Excitement phase: This is the first stage of having sex anywhere the mutual stimulation prepares the vagina. The first sign of sexual awakening is experiencing vaginal lubrication that as a rule happens within 10 to 30 seconds of the stimulation. As the agitation builds up, the number of adaptable increases and the nipples of breast also become erect. This happens above all due to the contractions in diminutive muscle fibres of breasts that act in response to sexual arousal. Plateau phase: This is when the sexual stimulation is even more intense and the orgasm is just about to occur.

Your boobs get bigger when you allow sex! That's right, long before Victoria was pedaling her secrets, Mother Character was giving breast enhancements to a few woman getting busy. You get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs! Well, we're a propos to blow your mind with a few other facts about how your bod changes on its way en route for O-Town. Your Breasts Get Bigger Did we mention this already? Your blood-pumping romp could inflate your ta-tas. A minute ago how swollen they get varies as of woman to woman, she says. Although like a Disney princess coming abode from a ball, everything goes ago to basics after the party ends.