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I have always been a fan of massages. Giving them or receiving them. In the past I have been to some erotic massage parlors across Europe and they have never disappointed me. The mostly Thai women know their way around a man's body and I love their lean and slippery body crawling over your back and front. The happy ending is always a pleasure with either a hand job or some sucking your cock to a rocking end. Some weeks ago I was on business travel in a big European city and had the night to myself. I was feeling extremely horny and decided to look for some massage opportunities. This city somehow wasn't big on Thai massage parlors but I noticed an add with a guy offering erotic massages.

Note: You can change font size, basis face, and turn on dark approach by clicking the A icon flap in the Story Info Box. Choose consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Sex along with my wife had been as angry as ever since my first knead with Alex. I wouldn't say the experience has directly made our femininity life any better or worse although I do feel a more assertive. My concern that is would adjust my sexuality was unfounded. I allay found my wife extremely attractive after that arousing. My wife has a absolute body and I look upon it with lust every time I accompany her. I was comfortable that I wasn't gay; despite having had can you repeat that? one would have to admit was a gay experience.

Designed for many years I have been having massages every 2 weeks or accordingly I like to be naked all the rage company and also like happy endings. A couple of years ago I spotted an ad in the fully developed services for a massage by a male for males. I decided en route for give it a try, not aware whether this was a sensual knead or just a straight physio adapt massage. I declined the towel after that then he offered to also remove your clothes and do it nude. I was agreeable of course and he exposed. I immediately couldn't help noticing his penis which was about inches bendable, just hanging. He proceeded with the massage, which was very good, highlighted by the lower back massage which he did while kneeling on the table with one leg between abundance. Every stroke on my back resulted in his cock slapping my better thigh most noticeably. At the assumption of the massage about 75 mins he asked me to lay arrange my back and then offered en route for masturbate me.

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