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Lol How do we get girls to have sex raw with us? How do we know if she does this with everyone or not? Terminology affects how you perceive things. And if you allow things to be labeled by their opposites, you cast them in a far darker, less sympathetic light. Obviously no one wants to be against choice, or against life. Each side is defined by what it is for, instead of what it wants to take away. But there has been a large one to encourage condom use. There are reasons for this. They aim to inspire emotion.

Broken up parking close to the men's rooms at the lake. I assume I was lucky with the piss guy. He stood next to me at the urinal and made me pee in his face. Before I paid for theater, the guy told me the bathroom was out of order and if I needed it to piss to go outside. Afterwards twenty minutes of theater I went to take a piss then he said if you leave you gotta pay ten bucks again. I did remind him he told me a propos the bathroom. His answer was who cares! Why people are so bad-mannered to paying customers.

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