'I just felt like I belonged here': Kayla Reid on why she's leaving Costa Rica

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She added that she decided to come back to what she called Babylon, referring to Canada, so that no one in Costa Rica got in trouble. Reid, 21, was reported missing in February, although the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary closed the missing person file last week after making contact with her. Reid was in Costa Rica with Eligio Bishop, 34, who calls himself Natureboy, and his group of followers. I didn't want any contact with them anymore. They are still being possessive over me, Reid said. Her family had been pleading for the woman's return, saying they believed she was being brainwashed.

Eligio Bishop is a former model, stripper, prostitute and barber. These days, he's a self-professed cult leader. His accurate location in the Costa Rican can forest is unknown, and so is the number of followers living with him. It's also clear he has the full support and devotion of year-old Kayla Reid, who recently left her home in Newfoundland and moved en route for Costa Rica to be with Bishop and his followers. In , he was arrested for forcible entry all the rage Georgia. Two years later, he faced charges of theft and was arrested for aggravated battery. No charges were laid in the latter incident, he said. Attempting to avoid furthering a life of crime, Bishop attended discipline to become a barber.

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