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The goal was to adapt and examine the psychometric properties of the FSSI. The sample consisted of Ecuadorian adult women. Item analysis, confirmatory factorial analysis, reliability, and evidence for validity were provided by examining associations with socio-demographic variables as well as with body image dissatisfaction and sexual self-consciousness. Using a confirmatory factor analysis, we confirmed a five-factor structure in which items 1 and 6 were deleted. Regarding socio-demographic factors, older women indicated greater sexual self-efficacy, while the women involved in longer relationships indicated less sexual self-efficacy and more entitlement from their partners. The FSSI-factors were associated with body image dissatisfaction and self-consciousness, which revealed that the women reporting greater sexual subjectivity also reported less body dissatisfaction and lower self-consciousness. This study emphasises the need to re-examine the structure and psychometric properties of measures when applied to another context or culture. Los cuestionarios se administraron en formato online. La fiabilidad fue adecuada, oscilando los valores alfa de Cronbach entre.

Conceptual Latino youth in the United States are at higher risk for damaging sexual outcomes compared to their European American counterparts. Adherence to traditional sexual values may protect against or add to their risk. Past studies have by and large utilized proxy measures, such as acculturation, to assess sexual values. The actual of the current study was en route for develop and test culturally based sexual values measures among Latino youth. Results indicate that these measures conformed en route for single-factor scales and displayed acceptable reliabilities. Findings suggest it is feasible en route for directly assess sexual values in a valid and reliable manner. The measures presented in the current article act for tools for such assessment. Moreover, Latina women are 2.

Her partnership with the Hispanic man all the rage his early forties lasted two after that a half years. Many issues pulled them apart, but none happened all the rage the bedroom, she says. The year-old social worker in Trenton, New Jumper, still actively dates—mostly Latino men. Gonzalez, who asked that her real appellation not be used, believes Hispanics deposit a higher priority on having absolute sex and passion in their relationships than do other Americans. Hispanics become old 45 and older. Almost 40 percent report having sex at least a long time ago a week, compared to just 28 percent of the general U. Hispanic men report having sex slightly add often than Hispanic women in the same age group. Findings also advise that, more than quantity, Latinos appear more satisfied with the quality of their sex lives.