Wanna Have Multiple Orgasms? Try These Expert-Recommended Tips and Techniques.

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There will be a man and a woman and they are having sex. Up against a wall, in a bed, in a car, anywhere. Vertically, horizontally. Clothed or unclothed. None of that matters, because the outcome will be the same. Within a minute, usually, the man and woman will have an orgasm at the same time. It will be visible, spectacular, satisfying.

Aim: To review the literature on manly multiple orgasms. This yielded 15 applicable publications. Main outcome measures: A across-the-board overview on the topic of manly multiple orgasms and factors that affect the propensity of men to be subject to multiple orgasms. The literature suggests 2 types of male multiple orgasms: erratic multiorgasms, with interorgasmic intervals of a number of minutes, and condensed multiorgasms, with bursts of orgasms within a few seconds to 2 minutes. Multiple orgasms act physiologically similar to the single orgasm in mono-orgasmic men. However, in a single case study, a multiorgasmic be in charge of did not experience with his at the outset orgasm the prolactin surge that as a rule occurs with orgasm in mono-orgasmic men. However, confirmatory physiological data on a few of these factors are few.