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I grew up watching the show, my condolences to the family. They gave us all a lot of themselves every week, and have been through a lot over the years. Thank you. Diane Spradley January 16, My deepest sympathy to the Nelson family. I grew up watching the Ozzie and Harriet. I wish they had more shows like that. My sympathy to the Nelson Family January 16, my deepest sympathy to the nelson family. And thank you for being a part of something sweet, innocent and just good. We all enjoyed getting to be a part of the Nelson family each week.

Valleyspeak[ edit ] Valleyspeak or Valspeak is an American English social dialect after that accompanying vocal features, best associated along with Valley girls, though elements of it have spread to other demographics, as well as men called Val dudes. Valleyspeak is popularly characterized by both the balanced use of uptalk and its dictionary. Linguistic characteristics of valleyspeak are a lot thought to be silly and apparent and seen as a sign of low intelligence. Speakers are also a lot perceived as materialistic and air-headed. All the rage the national understanding, California speech is thought to be a product of the combination of Valley girl after that surfer dude speech, and is allied with good English, but never accurate. State residents listed factors such at the same time as immigrant populations and north—south regional colloquial speech as more relevant than Valleyspeak contained by the state.