Tulsa Massacre Survivor Lessie Benningfield Randle Reflects on the Horror and Looks Forward

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Washington nicknamed it Negro Wall Street, which morphed into Black Wall Street—as it was shot up, torched, and bombed from the air by white vigilantes. Viewers wondered if the events depicted were more fiction than science. Social media was abuzz with people trying to find out more about Tulsa. Among African Americans, however, the memory had not completely faded. Even before Watchmen which premiered in fall and Lovecraft Country fallBlack social media and public lectures promoted the hashtag BlackWallStreet. In the fall, rapper, activist, and entrepreneur Killer Mike, who extols the values of Black self-determination and independent institution-building, cofounded a Black and Latinx digital bank called Greenwood. The name Greenwood still evokes the possibilities and history of Black entrepreneurship, but talk of the Tulsa Race Massacre reminds the world of the centuries-long struggle of Black people against white mob violence and its greenlighting from white authorities.

Residents in the affluent Black community at first did not know what it signified, but it became clear in the hours that followed: It was a riot call. It was quite a bite. She quickly grasped the gravity of the situation when soldiers came en route for the front door and escorted her, her grandmother, and her uncle en route for Tulsa County Fairgrounds , one of two centers where the National Defence interned more than 6, Black ancestor, some for up to eight being. It is now believed that Rowland, in fact, simply tripped in the elevator and somehow grabbed Page, who worked as an elevator attendant. After that I was just wondering why we had to be there. She is a soft-spoken, tiny woman with an equally soft laugh and striking beam who attributes her longevity or can you repeat that? she would call her youth en route for living on the land as her parents and grandmother did.

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