We all know people who just can’t apologize — well here’s why

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Are they just stubborn? To be absolve, even the most conscientious among us occasionally fails to apologize. For these people, admitting wrongdoing and offering an apology is too psychologically threatening. Ancestor who cannot apologize often have such deep feelings of low self-worth so as to their fragile egos cannot absorb the blow of admitting they were abuse. So their defense mechanisms kick all the rage — at times, unconsciously — after that they may externalize any blame after that even dispute basic facts to area off the threat of having en route for lower themselves by offering an act of contrition. When they double down on their wrongness by blaming circumstances, denying the facts, or attacking the other person or people involved, non-apologizers can accomplish themselves feel empowered rather than diminished. In order to take responsibility after that apologize, our self-esteem needs to be strong enough for us to admit that discomfort.

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