The Parenting Fantasy That Holds Women Back

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Child tantrums and teen hormones were denial picnic, but there is an great quantity of resources available for those stages of parenting—not so much for how to parent adult children, though. Crippling college debt. A highly competitive activity market. The pressure to perform—and succeed—early on.

Kids of all ages get scared as a result of nightmares, but you can help your child learn to sleep soundly all over again. For months, my year-old, Jane, had nightmares nearly every night. She'd arouse up screaming for me, I'd administer to her room, and she'd ask for me to stay with her as she was too frightened to be alone. Wasn't she too old designed for this? Most of her nightmares were about scary dolls. She'd seen a commercial on the Disney Channel designed for a movie about a creepy doll—reminiscent of Chucky—and couldn't get the air out of her mind. Whenever Jane woke up from a nightmare, she'd see her American Girl doll after that get even more scared. Then she'd hear noises and worry that robbers were breaking into our apartment.

Why won't my child sleep through the night? It's a question many bleary-eyed parents continue to ponder even afterwards their child hits the grade-school years. You may be surprised to ascertain, however, that no child — before adult for that matter — accurately sleeps through the night. Unfortunately, not all grade-schoolers have mastered this ability. In other words, if your adolescent counts on you — or a few other sleep aid — to advantage him nod off, he may allow trouble drifting off again when he wakes in the wee hours. Of course, not even the most able snoozers are immune to night wakings. Common elementary-age anxieties, such as not being invited to a birthday accessory, worrying about a spelling test, after that fear of death or natural disasters, can turn sound sleepers into anxious ones. Nightmares might also prompt late-night trips to the master suite.