Call for investigation into Bill Gates ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘medical malpractice’

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The efforts are part of a surge in cybertheft and attacks by nations seeking advantage in the pandemic. I am sure this might be happening, but rather than fretting about cyber attacks and hacks, shouldn't we be asking why this data is locked up in the first place? This is a massive global health crisis, and the best way to get to a real vaccine or treatment is by sharing as much data as possible and being as open as possible. It truly should not matter if the US develops a treatment first or if someone else does. I recognize that there are ridiculous leaders around the globe who are more focused on owning any eventual treatment, and perhaps even using it only for their own citizens, but this is insanely short-sighted on both sides of the equation. First, we will develop any successful treatment much faster and likely much better by getting more smart people considering all the options and making suggestions on better approaches. That will save a huge number of lives. Second, it's a global pandemic, and the only way to really make sure it's not a problem in any particular region is to make sure it's not a problem anywhere.

Carry 4 Shares Missouri Independent — After everything else week, multiple mass vaccination events all the rage rural areas neared the end of the day with hundreds of doses still on hand — prompting fitness departments to take to social media and encourage anyone to come designed for fear doses would be wasted. Being before, similar situations played out by mass vaccination events across the affirm. In Leopold, even after opening its event to those without an choice, only doses out of the 1, allocated were administered — about one-third. The remaining doses were redistributed , state officials said. Jill Schupp, D-Creve Coeur.

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