Still bored in lockdown? Here are 57 more activities to keep you going

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Iman Balagam March 19, It is hard not to go stir crazy when cooped up at home for an extended period of time. You probably are not used to spending this much time alone. Up until recently, your calendar was driving you insane. But we can look at this time as an opportunity to finally do all of the things you talked about wanting to do but never had enough time for. A chance to stay in, practice self-care, and get your mind right without fear of FOMO. It is easy to spend this time scrolling through TikTok or watching reruns of Gossip Girl, but there are more creative ways to spend your time. The Edit team presents you with ways to spend your time when social distancing at home. This time alone is a great opportunity for you to expand your musical tastes and share them with friends and followers. Start a YouTube channel to vlog your daily musings.

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