Naked Truths

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Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to Vox. My only real shock was how fast I inured to the sight of an ass that hung elegant like drapes.

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Arrange warm weekends, its grassy, eucalyptus-scented grounds are covered with naked men after that women. Waitresses and teachers mingle along with affluent couples and aging hipsters, their tanned bodies glistening in the sun. Some play tennis in nothing although sneakers. Others skinny-dip in the amalgamate. Children romp across the lawn. Along with the passage of time, the Elysium Fields nudist camp in Topanga Chasm is more quaint than risque. A product of the sexual revolution of the s, it has survived formal neighbors, prayer vigils outside its gates, and, until recently, persistent efforts as a result of Los Angeles County officials to accurate it down. The camp, where femininity is prohibited, has become a accepted venue for self-awareness experts spreading the New Age gospel. Parents take their kids there to explain the birds and bees.

By a house party recently, I met a couple who, in their additional time, breed exotic praying mantises en route for sell on the internet as pets. This started a couple of years ago, when Sarah discovered some Carolina mantises in her outdoor pots. At the same time as Sarah told me all this, she was lying across Eric's lap wrapped up in a tan-and-black checked absolute, but otherwise totally naked: tall after that slender with black hair in two long braids, an eyebrow ring, after that different fairies tattooed on each accept. Eric, blond with an easy beam, was naked too. He kept reaching to touch her butt.