These are the 9 ways you can make your female sex partner orgasm

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Erika W. Smith Photographed by Lula Hyers. Too often, when we think of sex, we think of penetration. And even if you do enjoy penetration during sexspending some time and energy on relishing the non-penetrative parts of sex can make the whole sexual experience more enjoyable for you and your partner or partners. Erotic Massage Give your partner a sensual massage — feel free to add massage oils, special massage candles or just normal candlesand the type of sexy touches they wouldn't get at a spa. You can, of course, use a sex toy if you want to, and lube is always a good idea. Along with hand jobsclitoral stimulation aka fingering without vaginal penetration falls under this category, too. If the sex you're having is with a penis, lube can make it easier to do something like stimulate a penis by rubbing it in-between breasts. Additionally, touching, licking, and using genital-safe items on the labia, clitoris, and around the vaginal opening can also be pleasurable and would not require vaginal penetration.

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Bliss has been shown to predict activist outcomes in many different areas of life. Positive emotions increase satisfaction along with life. Happiness helps people build stronger coping skills and emotional resources. Activist emotions are linked to better fitness and longevity. One study found so as to people who experienced more positive emotions than negative ones were more apt to have survived over a 13 year period. Resilience helps people advance manage stress and bounce back advance when faced with setbacks. For case, one study found that happier ancestor tend to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and so as to these benefits tend to persist above time. Happier mental states are concurrent to increased immunity.

Ask your partner what they like. Whether you've been together for years before just started seeing each other, it's likely you'll learn something new a propos your bedmate's desires by If you're sheepish about broaching the subject, preferring to go by moans alone, bear in mind that it's a chance to ascertain more about each other and accomplish sex better in the long administer. She says,Approach your partner with compassion, and express a desire to be sell for them the most pleasure possible. After that, share your desires as well. Bang your phone's potential as a seduction tool by sending sexy texts—a.

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