What Triggers Anxiety for an Individual with ASD?

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Answering aloud in class Tests Sensory issues can be triggered almost any age or anywhere on a daily base. Sensory situations that may provoke angst can include: Crowds - school assemblies, concerts, field trips, grocery store, etc. Space - too large, too busy, too bright, too loud, too fetid, etc. Some examples include: Novel events - unplanned and unannounced Changes all the rage plans - daily school routine broken up or family plans changed Adjusting delicate interests with class or family plans Outdoor activities - concerts, picnics, alcove Large gatherings - school assemblies, ancestor gatherings Young children who are arbitrary in many ways Initiating a banter with a peer Routines: After a day at school where the adolescent was able to maintain body be in charge of, listen, complete activities, and appear calm, going home and having even add expectations including typical routines, can add to anxiety and agitation. Routines such as: Doing homework Meal, bath, bed age routines Getting ready for school Designed for all of us, there are a lot of other seemingly harmless and safe situations that occur in daily living, although to an individual with ASD, so as to same situation could be totally alarming and create great anxiety or alarm. Educator Dave Nelson Nelson, director of The Community School in Decatur, Georgia, a junior high and high discipline for adolescents with autism, said, All single one of my students has anxiety almost every day. What is so interesting, however, is how altered the manifestations of that condition be able to be. Some students begin asking continual questions; some interrupt constantly; some back away or run away; and some acquire rude or provoking.

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