Was a young girl adopted from Russia capable of murder?

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By CBSNews. The Associated Press contributed to this gallery. A young Army Captain, he was advancing against Nazi fortifications in Italy when he was hit by gunfire. He lay on the battlefield for 10 hours. His terrible wounds, from which he spent three years recuperating, would cost him the use of his right arm. The support from his hometown, he told Sunday Morning inwas symbolized by a cigar box: My friends in Dawson's Drugstore in Russell, Kansas, when they heard that I was wounded, they passed the box around and kept it on the counter, and asked people to give money. They lost that contest, and Dole was unsuccessful when he sought the Republican presidential nomination in and ' He spent 27 years in the Senate but resigned, quitting his post as Majority Leader, when he ran against President Bill Clinton inbecoming the last presidential candidate to have served in World War II.

Shopping Cartoon by Paul Karasik Despite such badassery, she never really adjusted en route for her new country or her additional destiny, at least beyond the film set. What looked like carefully civilized hauteur was partly the product of awkwardness, disorientation, and grief. She almost not spoke English when she first arrived, and, within a year, she academic that her beloved sister, an aspirant actress herself, had died back abode. Athletic and physically restless, she almost immediately took up the long nighttime walks that became a refuge; with her hat pulled low over her advance, as it customarily was, she would have been hard to recognize. The sudden onslaught of celebrity made her more so.