Voices: Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial brought back a phrase we should never use again

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The gamer lights up the studio as she walks onto set, having traded in her hoodie and biker shorts for a carrot-coloured top, sheer cropped jacket, and white biker skirt. A swath of flaming orange eyeshadow dances across her eyelids while tiny tangerine orbs top her fiery coffin nails. Brooke plays video games for a livingone of those jobs — like superhero or princess — that only kids would dream of as a viable career. Streamers like her know, though, that the job is like any other. Along with the fantasy come long hours, pressure to perform, and a list of grievances about what can be a toxic workplace culture. Last October, Brooke publicly revealed that she was the target of a massive stalking and online harassment campaign that, at its worst, included graphic death threats to her and her family.

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