Cost of Living in Montreal

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And it calls for a review of the city's hiring processes to allow anglophones with functional-level, but not high-level, French to land municipal jobs. He would also amend article 13 of the city charter to change Montreal from a French-speaking city that, according to the law, also provides services to its citizens in English, to a bilingual one. A lot of people agree, Holness says See on Instagram This is not a contested question, Holness said, citing a survey showing most Montrealers believe the city is bilingual. And all of these languages make up the diversity of Montreal, and it enriches us all. They're not being incorporated into the reality and to the economic life of Montreal, and we're just pushing them all away. To change that he plans to lower the French language requirements for municipal jobs. And then they can learn French, once they are on the job, through their interactions with their coworkers and with the public. As Plante recently introduced an action plan to promote the French language in Montreal and Coderre is reportedly open to provincial government-led language reform, Holness accused his opponents of trying to impose provincial ideas on the metropolis. And the question is, what do Montrealers want for their city?

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