‘I’m 38 and divorced so why do men in their 20s want to date me?’

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Here she talks to Poorna Bell about sugar dating. When I was at university, I got serious with a man who was more traditional than I was. He wanted marriage, a house, a family and a dog. But I thought I was in love with him and so I agreed to get married. We were only 23 and my career was taking off — I was more focused on my job than my own wedding. Even if I decided to stop working tomorrow I would never have money issues. I buy stylish clothes regardless of the brand or price, stay at luxury hotels and eat at fancy restaurants all over the world. I was looking for a change and had heard about sugar dating many years ago when it became trendy in the States. I wanted to share some valuable time when I had it and especially in those cities which I visited quite often for work.

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Attach 4 Shares Finding older women fucking younger men can be difficult. A lot of ladies are afraid of getting labeled a cougar. Additionally, most younger guys have a social circle of ancestor their age. This guide lists places where you can meet ladies who are interested in steamy relationships along with younger men. Are you ready en route for meet the cougar of your dreams?