St. John's wort

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These situations might make anyone feel low and not everyone who experiences these goes on to develop depression. But thinking about any triggers can help you understand your feelings. Everyone feels down from time to time, but if you've not been feeling yourself for a while it's time to talk to someone — like your doctor, nurse or a trusted friend or family member. How are depression and anxiety diagnosed? There are no specific tests but your GP may perform some blood tests for other health conditions that share similar symptoms with depression or anxiety. It can be difficult to think about specific answers on-the-spot but the following suggestions might help you plan ahead for your appointment. Explain any circumstances that could be contributing to these symptoms and the way you feel. Take a list of all medications you currently take, including any supplements or non-prescription medication.

Hypericum perforatum; Klamathweed Share St. John's wort Hypericum perforatum has a history of use as a medicine dating ago to ancient Greece, where it was used for a range of illnesses, including various nervous disorders. John's wort also has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral properties. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it has been applied to the skin to help heal wounds after that burns.