Does Brain Size Matter?

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Is this true? Does a bigger brain make you necessarily smarter or wiser? And is there any simple connection between the size of a nervous system, however measured, and the mental powers of the owner of this nervous system? The human brain continues to grow until it reaches its peak size in the third to fourth decade of life. An MRI study of 46 adults of mainly European descent found that the average male had a brain volume of 1, cubic centimeters cm 3 and that the average female brain measured 1, cm 3. Given that a quart of milk equals cm 3you could pour a bit more than that into a skull without any of it spilling out.

We've all seen it play out: Constant in families that give their girls tractors and encourage their boys en route for cuddle dolls, more often the girls will choose a pink pony above a fire engine, and the boys will take Thomas the Tank Apparatus over Tinker Bell any old calendar day. Why is that? Some of this behavior is learned, no question a propos it. But the gulf between boys and girls goes deeper than background, says Sheri Berenbaum, a professor of psychology and pediatrics at Pennsylvania Affirm University. Scientists suspect that even ahead of birth, boys' and girls' brains are developing differently, shaping them into apparent little creatures. We know there are physical differences between a boy's common sense and a girl's, both at beginning and as children grow. But by least for now, exactly how those differences affect behavior, personality, and accordingly on is a mystery. For case, scientists say there probably is an area of the brain that propels many boys toward things that action and many girls toward nurturing, although it has yet to be identified.