List of songs about close encounters with aliens

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On this particular day, I was upstairs with a client, and where were you, Rakim? At the same time, I also noticed someone standing on the side of the house. Diamond Collier: We never had random guests. I had queer friends, but we would hang out at other places. In my head, I really thought it was a robbery. Nobody has nothing. Everybody is trying to look for a come-up. We live in a neighborhood where these are regular, everyday people fighting for survival.

A Venusian 'scout craft' photographed by George Adamski, Then, in late , at what he said was the urging of the U. Soon he had what he considered two able UFO pictures. By the end of , the skies over his California home had become a sort of UFO shooting gallery. Adamski estimated he took another flying saucer photos, as of which he got a dozen able ones. He claimed to have provided prints to the Air Force, although he kept the negatives. Because he happened to live near Mount Palomar, home of the famous observatory, he was often misidentified as a authority astronomer. Earthlings should stop messing about with atomic bombs, he told Adamski, before they destroyed their entire globe. One visitor was Edward J.

Assessment out our timeline of reported Alien spacecraft sightings and alien encounters, and choose for yourself. Yet some believe Additional England has also welcomed guests as of much, much farther away. The at the outset documented UFO sighting in America occurred here, as did the first broadly publicized claim of alien abduction. Wikimedia Commons unknown artist The first documented UFO sighting in America dates ago to , when Massachusetts Bay City state cofounder and governor John Winthrop recorded a secondhand observation of unidentified objects in the sky over Boston. It was a light, which proceeded as of the East. It seemed to arrow at first as quickly as light; and appeared to be in the Atmosphere, but lowered toward the argument and kept on at an alike distance sometimes ascending and sometimes down. At the height of its operations, about men worked at the station; they lived in a little Quonset hut village complete with store, bowling alley, and theater about a mile down the mountain. In , according to military reports, a strange aim appeared in the skies above East Mountain and remained visible for a propos 18 minutes. Given that the events involving Barney and Betty Hill beneath happened just a short time afterwards, some assert that this was the same UFO.

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