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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Background: Sleep sex also known as sexsomnia or somnambulistic sexual behavior is proposed to be classified as NREM non-rapid eye movement parasomnia as a clinical subtype of disorders of arousal from NREM sleep—primarily confusional arousals or less commonly sleepwalkingbut it has also been described in relation to REM rapid eye movement parasomnias. Results: In the available literature the comorbidity of sexsomnia and other sleep disorders were reported mainly in case reports and less in case series.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. We describe a year-old married woman diagnosed with sexsomnia as a NREM parasomnia, who sought medical assistance motivated as a result of relationship problems with her husband afterwards two sexsomnia episodes. This is the second case of sexsomnia reported all the rage Brazil, but the first case along with comprehensive follow-up. The patient was clinically evaluated, no psychiatric history was bring into being, and she denied using pharmaceutical before recreational drugs. A video-polysomnography documented nine episodes of short- lasting abrupt arouse from N2 and N3, indicating a non-REM parasomnia, some with masturbation characteristics. The findings of this case, as well as unusual features, are considered in affection to the range of adverse psychosocial consequences of sexsomnia in these patients and the need for specialized interventions that can be provided by be asleep specialists. Parasomnias are classified as adverse physical events, experiences, and autonomic anxious system activity that occur during a few stage of sleep or its transitions from or into wakefulness.

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