15 Genius Tricks for Amazing Dinner Parties—from Real People Who Did Them

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January 29, Shutterstock A dinner party may not have a huge guest list, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put some real thought into planning one. After all, it's a challenge of creating the right atmosphere for lively conversation, big laughs, and strong connections between the guests. It's a delicate dance, and one it's best to get some expert advice on—which is what we've done here, reaching out to party planners and hosts with the most knowledge of how to execute a top-notch dinner party that will delight guests and make you look like a hosting ace. Remember: Hosting can be a difficult yet rewarding experience, for some advice on what not do, here are 30 Biggest Holiday Party No-No's. Some prefer to seat guests according to common interests or because they are unlikely to cross paths in other parts of their lives. But Carla McDonald, founder of The Salonnierededicated to the art of entertaining, urges that hosts place guests according to their personalities.

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