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As you might have noticed, gender essentialism is terribly sexist and does not reflect the many realities of the human experience, even for cisgender people. There are also those who do not identify as male or female at all. There are those of us who exist somewhere along the spectrum, not identifying with our birth gender but not necessarily identifying very strongly with any other gender, either. To be nonbinary is to identify as other than male or female: as multiple genders at once pangender or bigenderas neither agenderas androgynous androgyneetc.

Dec 21, Views By Ally Sabatina Virginity stories are tired. Virginity is fake. We think everyone is having more and better sex than us. Most of the time the femininity we are having is nothing en route for write home about—a dance routine, an activity to divert attention from the now boring television program, just a bite to do. What about the times where sex was good? What a propos the times you wanted to arrange brunch immediately just to gab you know, brag to your friends a propos the seemingly endless and electric femininity you are having … because you deserve it! What about the times everything seemed to fit together a minute ago right?

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