27 Sexy Netflix Movies and Shows That Basically Count as Porn

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The streaming giant kept Cuties from appearing in some search results and recommendations after backlash to the poster. In SeptemberNetflix was in turmoil as the company battled its most significant PR scandal to date. Earlier that year, the streaming platform had acquired the worldwide rights to the French film Cuties after its lauded premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Instead, it displayed the actors, some of whom were only 12 years old, in booty shorts and crop tops, striking provocative dance poses. The fallout was immediate.

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Can you repeat that? makes an effective sex scene? Able-bodied, it's as much about what the filmmaker chooses not to reveal at the same time as what they do show the eyewitness. Sure, porn will give you altogether of the body parts doing altogether of the things, but when it comes to watching a movie of the non-adult varietythere's a lot en route for be said about the framing after that context of the act. Watching a slow-burn build to a boil amid two characters with incredible chemistryuntil they can't take it any more after that simply must have each other? As somebody who has been buttoned-up after that reserved for the first two acts let go of their inhibitions after that get down?

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